Patient Testimonial Videos

Beth Snyder, DMD Beth Snyder, DMD

Victoria's Testimonials

There is no pain!

There is no pain. They make sure of that!

– Victoria

I did this before...

Dr. Snyder spent tremendous time evaluating what I wanted and what I wasn’t happy with, and had some terrific ideas. She’s an expert at that.

– Victoria


I feel like I’m in-sync with the person I’m showing. That really is me!

– Victoria

Delightful Dentist

Dr. Snyder’s fun! It’s like going to a get together at a friend’s house, and coming out with a nice smile.

– Victoria

Beth is an artist and a great technician.

Dr. Snyder had a terrific combination of professionalism and personality. And her staff was fantastic.

– Victoria

Brooke's Testimonials

My teeth were sick...

People don’t really realize that the health of your teeth and your gums affects your entire self.

– Brooke

She couldn't make it any easier...

I cannot express enough how wonderful this experience has been.

– Brooke

I found someone to help me...

I found somebody who is able to help me, and she’s helping me right this instant.

– Brooke

Saved my life...

There is somebody who understands this pain, and it’s Dr. Beth. She gets it.

– Brooke

Beth's Testimonials

My entire family goes!

I loved Dr. Beth so very much, my entire family now goes there for their general dental care!

– Beth

Available all the time for her patients...

Dr. Beth is available all the time for her patients.

– Beth

My medical history...

The first visit was an in-depth evaluation by Dr. Beth.

– Beth

Sleep Apnea...

She changed my life. She totally, totally changed my life!

– Beth

Jeff's Testimonials

Confidence & a greater level of comfort

It’s been a bigger level of comfort.

– Jeff

It's an open environment...

There’s never that closed in moment where you can be nervous or uncomfortable, because everyone’s there doing the same thing.

– Jeff

I showed up with broken teeth in my hand.

When I showed up, she took the pieces and made teeth actually show up in my face.

– Jeff

Beth is a person!

Beth is a person! I felt like I actually got to know her. I felt like I got to know her dog.

– Jeff

It was all more comfortable...

It all felt like you were with someone who knew what they were doing, and someone who cared to actually evolve.

– Jeff


I hated photos...

I felt comfortable right away. I felt like we had a connection right away.

– Katelee

I felt taken care of...

I don’t feel uncomfortable when I try to get a job with a client or go to an interview.

– Katelee

John's Testimonials

A holistic approach...

Beth takes a very holistic approach to solving your problems and identifying things that are related to each other.

– John

The office is such a friendly place...

I always hated going to the dentist, but going to that office was fun. They are fun people. That’s an extension of Dr. Snyder.

– John