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Beth Snyder, DMD Beth Snyder, DMD

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Snyder's Passion

One of my absolute passions is creating a beautiful smile!

– Dr. Beth Snyder

TMJ Dentistry

What is TMJ?

It’s all about health, and for me, it’s not just that the teeth look good, but that you have general good health.

– Dr. Beth Snyder

TMJ, Tongue, and Posture

TMJ is more than just a painful jaw. Your posture, tongue positioning, and airway space can all play a role in your TMJ issues.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Explained

Our goal is to have you leaving feeling refreshed and awake in the morning!

– Dr. Beth Snyder

Sleep Apnea and Medicare

Getting the help you need to get a good night’s rest is available to all our patients.