"I felt like my concerns were heard and made part of our plan. Now I couldn’t be happier with my smile."
-Michelle (Actual Patient)

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Your ideal look is about more than just a straight smile. It’s about restoring stunning symmetry to your facial features with lasting effects.

Dr. Beth Snyder combines extensive expertise, with a passion for functionality and aesthetics to achieve:

• Long-term stability for health & beauty • Life-transforming treatments • A beautifully-balanced smile

Cosmetic Callout

We offer a variety of techniques such as veneers, bonding, full-mouth restoration, and Botox. These techniques are designed to enhance your appearance and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Your smile is an important reflection of you and the first thing others see. Dr. Snyder and the team can whiten, brighten, straighten, and smooth out your teeth so you’ll be jumping at any chance to flash those pearly whites! From veneers to bonding, full-mouth restoration to Botox, we have a number of options to help you look – and feel – happier than ever.

Hiding behind an unhappy, unhealthy smile is more common than you think. Oftentimes, patients are willing to make a change, but unsure where to start. Accomplished in a variety of cosmetic procedures, Dr. Snyder offers techniques such as veneers, bonding, full-mouth restoration, and Botox designed to help patients achieve a fresh, revived reflection for a smile that leaves a lasting impression. Her proven excellence, essential eye for elegance, and respected experience in aesthetic training can help reveal a straighter, brighter smile you’ll love for a look that’s noteworthy and fresh. There’s really so much more to a beautiful smile than teeth. Dr. Snyder understands the importance of facial structure, the proportions of your features. She takes these factors and more into careful consideration when planning any cosmetic treatment. There are a variety of procedures and aesthetic adjustments that can be customized to create a smile that is distinctly you. A thorough consultation with Dr. Snyder can help define your oral aesthetic goals to decide which options will provide the results you want:

Short Explainer
New Confidence and Comfort

Julia’s Story

When Julia was little we found out that she was missing some teeth. We took her to an orthodontist and he said that someday Julia might want some porcelain veneers. I remember thinking, “She doesn’t need to be a movie star; they just need to be functional.” But as she got older she became more uncomfortable with her smile and always said, “Maybe one day we could get the veneers.” I decided to give them to her as college graduation present – but my husband asked, “If you are going to do them then, why not do them now?” It was a great idea, and I started researching doctors right away.

From the moment I walked in to Dr. Snyder’s office, I just loved her. She made us so comfortable. She also has two children, and as a mom, I felt she would do the best job she could for Julia. Now Julia loves, loves, loves her smile – it just lights up her face. She has a lot going for her, but this has given her an extra edge – a new confidence. Could she have gone without the veneers? Of course. But has it given her something that will help her not only as a student but also professionally? Yes! It was a great investment.