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Beth Snyder, DMD Beth Snyder, DMD
Beth Snyder, DMD


There you were, relaxing on a Friday night with a bowl of popcorn and a movie, when, CRACK! You just bit down on an unpopped kernel and broke a tooth. Now what? Don’t worry! Dr. Beth Snyder has the most gorgeous dental crowns around – and if you need one fast, she can make one for you right here in your favorite Doylestown dental office! You read that correctly: You can have a custom-made, metal-free porcelain dental crown in one visit through CEREC technology. Crowns are one of the strongest and most versatile dental restoration options available. And now, with modern dental technology, Dr. Snyder is able to offer metal-free crowns that look so natural, they are indistinguishable from your own teeth. You may even forget which tooth you have had repaired. Our dental crowns can:

  • Rebuild damaged or broken teeth
  • Alter and improve the shape or structure of any tooth
  • Act as a prosthetic tooth with a dental implant system or a bridge
  • Help seal and protect a tooth after a root canal
  • Beautify teeth when a dental veneer is not appropriate

And remember, whenever possible, Dr. Snyder offers her Doylestown dental crown patients the style and convenience of Crowns-in-a-Day with CEREC CAD/CAM technology. Ask us about it!

Beth Snyder, DMD