Helping You Rest Easy… and Saving Your Life!

Helping You Rest Easy

Snoring and sleep apnea go hand in hand, but complications from the condition go far deeper than just a little late-night noise. Sleep apnea can be life threatening. The snoring is a symptom that results from obstructed airflow through the back of the throat, often caused by improper positioning of the tongue and loss of muscle tone.

When this happens, sleep apnea sufferers stop breathing until their brains jolt them awake enough to take a breath, but not enough to realize their sleep has been disturbed. This can happen several times a night – sometimes even hundreds of times, leading to a poor night’s sleep, and an exhausting day to follow. Interruptions in sleep phases can lead to problems with memory, thought consolidation, moodiness, and thought fog.

In addition, it impairs the body’s endocrine systems, causing increased release of hormones ghrelin and leptin, which have been implicated in weight gain and obesity. Scary stuff!

Freedom to Sleep Comfortably

By fitting sleep apnea patients with a customized oral appliance, we support the jaw and related tissues in a gently forward position. These appliances are extremely effective in eliminating snoring, ensuring easy breathing, and allowing the wearer to sleep comfortably. We have a variety of devices to choose from, including appliances from Somnomed, Oasys, EMA, and Narval.

Individualized Care

Dr. Snyder addresses each situation on an individual basis. For more information about sleep studies or sleep apnea appliances, just give us a call!

Did you know? 100,000 accidents happen annually from drowsy driving?

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Mike and Gail’s Story

My wife, Gail, went to a sleep lab a few years ago, thinking she had sleep apnea because she never felt rested. The fact is, she didn’t have sleep apnea at all – I did! I was the one keeping her awake, so when she saw Dr. Beth Snyder’s ad, she convinced me to call her for help.

Dr. Snyder educated us on the dangers of sleep apnea. Because I am claustrophobic, I knew I could not use a CPAP. Thankfully, Dr. Snyder had a wonderful alternative – the SomnoDent appliance. She fitted me for this appliance, and even though I have a partial denture, I can use it perfectly. The very first night I had the appliance, we both slept all night! We feel healthy again, thanks to Dr. Snyder.