"The results are amazing! I smile much more and feel more secure and happier. Simply put, I feel great!"
-John (Actual Patient)

Adult Orthodontics

A New Thinking in Orthodontics

Do you think orthodontic treatment is primarily to give you straighter, prettier teeth? In some cases that may be true – not at the office of Dr. Beth Snyder.

When Dr. Snyder looks at your smile, she looks at the foundation first – and that is your jaw. Where your teeth end up depends entirely on how your jaw develops. If it doesn’t develop to its full potential, there won’t be enough room in your mouth for your teeth. Even your tongue may feel too large for your mouth!

The truth is, your jaw and tooth development depends not only on genetics, but on external or environmental factors as well.

The Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Dr. Snyder’s orthodontic treatment is designed to develop beautiful faces from the foundation up. That means well supported lips, stable tooth positions, and ample room for the tongue. It’s about looking at the overall picture to create fuller, more beautiful faces featuring broader smiles. A straight, healthy smile can also assist with better breathing, allowing for improved airflow along the airways.

We offer a full range of orthodontic options including traditional metal braces, natural-looking porcelain finishes, and Invisalign — the clear braces alternative. Whether you require the strength of metal, the discreteness of Invisalign, or the color-matching capability of porcelain, rest assured that there is a treatment option perfect for you. Seeing Dr. Snyder gives you the advantage of enjoying her exceptional experience with multiple orthodontic techniques. She can fully advise you to what is best for your individual needs. It’s never too late for a beautiful, functional smile.


Adult Orthodontics before and after

John’s Story

My teeth were healthy, but I had a bridge with a false tooth in the front that I was very aware of. In addition, my teeth were discolored and misaligned – I wanted to straighten my lower teeth. I rarely smiled a truly full smile. Thankfully, Dr. Snyder took a strong interest in helping me and laid out all the options. We decided on a full orthodontic treatment and then porcelain veneer restorations. The results are amazing! I smile much more and feel more secure and happier. Simply put, I feel great!

I never would have done this without the encouragement, support, patience, and skill of Dr. Snyder and her fantastic team. In fact, for years I thought I was too old for something like this. These procedures are for young people…WRONG! They are for anyone who wants to improve their appearance, improve their health, and be more confident.