Tooth Whitening

Beth Snyder, DMD Beth Snyder, DMD
Beth Snyder, DMD

Tooth Whitening

These days, everyone – from politicians to celebrities to your neighbor – seems to have the most radiant smile. How is that even possible? Cosmetic dentistry! And let’s be clear: cosmetic dentistry does not have to be time-consuming, expensive, or difficult in any way. In fact, tooth whitening from Doylestown’s smile-radiance specialist is one of the fastest, most effective, and dramatic ways to improve your smile and disguise minor imperfections. Dr. Snyder and her team offer Bucks County the most effective smile whitening options including:

KöR deep bleachingKöR whitening is so effective, it is the only recognized system in the world that will even whiten tetracycline stained teeth – permanently! And unlike most whitening procedures, post-whitening tooth sensitivity is nearly non-existent. So go ahead! Enjoy that glass of red wine and snack on all the berries you want, knowing that KöR’s got your smile covered.

ZOOM! whitening treatmentZoom! Whitening is one of the best known whitening systems because of its speed. Whiten your smile up to ten shades in about the time it takes to eat lunch! (In fact, many people schedule their Zoom! whitening during their lunch hour.)

Take-home whitening trays and gels including Day White bleaching trays and Sheer White Strips – Whiten when and where you want from your commute to your couch. While at-home whitening does take a little longer than in-office methods, it can be more cost-effective and convenient.


Teeth Whitening