Anesthesia and Relaxation

Beth Snyder, DMD Beth Snyder, DMD
Beth Snyder, DMD

Anesthesia and Relaxation

Dental care does not have to be an unpleasant chore! Not when you rely on relaxation dentistry from Dr. Beth Snyder. Our office is so comfortable, so soothing, and so beautiful that patients can’t say enough about our environment. We also have a range of relaxation techniques proven to help even the most anxious patient find the perfect zen state. Combined with music and other entertainment options, cozy blankets, massaging chairs, and comforting neck pillows, these methods can help make any visit a positive experience. Our comfort services include:

  • The Wand® – a computer-assisted numbing system
  • Alpha Stim and Binural Beat Music —  an amazing, highly effective drug-free based calming therapy combining the proven pain and anxiety relief of Alpha stim and Binaural Beat music. This system works best with softer colors and specialty spa-like music with a Binaural Beat. Many of our patients say they feel more refreshed and relaxed after Dentistry with this method as if they took a power nap.

If you have any concerns about your visit or suffer from any form of dental anxiety, give us a call. We can help!

"It was all just more comfortable... It's just the way they are."

Jeff | Actual Patient