Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease, or periodontitis, is extremely common — in fact, about half of all American adults have it. Have you seen blood in the sink after flossing? Maybe your gums appear swollen or red? Neither of these are normal! Where else is bleeding through your skin considered OK? If there’s blood, you probably have some degree of gum disease. It’s important to receive regular treatment because if blood is leaking out, then bacteria is getting in. Treatment will help keep bleeding under control to avoid future tooth loss. We have oral DNA testing available to assess your genetic risk for gum disease, and in some cases, we can enhance traditional treatment using an antibiotic product called Arestin. We also offer extremely gentle microsonic dental cleanings and thorough laser therapy with a Diode laser for areas that are not responsive to standard treatments. For more information about the benefits of a Diode laser, please visit our Diode Laser page.