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I had work done on my teeth when I was 16 and the size and shape of those teeth became an issue – they didn’t grow as I grew! I needed teeth that fit my adult mouth. Several years ago, my wife suggested I visit Dr. Beth Snyder. I wanted a high-tech, quality dentist and I knew I would find that in Dr. Snyder. I didn’t even shop around. I was willing to pay for that level of dentistry.

The team was great and made me feel comfortable right away. Dr. Snyder and I discussed a treatment plan that would address the health of my mouth first and then take care of my cosmetic issues. Dr. Snyder removed my silver-mercury fillings, then we replaced a few teeth with implants and, finally, veneers were placed. I feel more complete now and it is much easier to smile!

I race dirt bikes for recreation. There is a high risk involved with my dentistry through rpm vibration, speed associated with rough terrain and impacts from landing jumps. I have never questioned the integrity of my dental work. They feel like the real thing. Thanks to Dr. Beth Snyder and her team of experts on staff.
- Brad

Brad - Dr. Snyder's Patient

I was beginning to feel as though my teeth were starting to age me by how they looked and wanted to do something about it. My old bonding was showing and my teeth were looking discolored. I wanted my looks to stay a little younger and I knew improving my smile would help a lot. I had been seeing Dr. Beth Snyder routinely for years but never for any cosmetic dental work. Because I am familiar with her work and have always had a positive experience with her dentistry, I called Dr. Snyder and told her what I needed.

Dr. Snyder knew right away that porcelain veneers were the best choice for me. Dr. Snyder has a very gentle touch and is so professional. She wasn’t completely satisfied with the way my teeth looked once the permanent veneers were placed so she tweaked them to perfection! Now my smile looks great. The staff is outstanding too – mediocrity is simply not acceptable in Dr. Snyder’s office – and they explained everything in detail. I was never nervous or afraid, and even though I had to spend a long time in the chair the team kept me comfortable and relaxed so it didn’t feel long at all! It is amazing how improving your own smile makes you notice other, not so great smiles.
- Christa

Christa - Dr. Snyder's Patient

I researched dentists for a quite a while to find someone who was implementing the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry and could execute them perfectly. I’m extremely excited I found Dr. Snyder. She has superb skills along with an engaging personality which made me confident and relaxed. During our consultation, Dr. Snyder asked me what type of results I wanted to achieve. She decided that veneers would be the appropriate treatment option to straighten and correct my crowded upper teeth. I never felt pressured or rushed because she kept me informed of each step throughout my entire procedure. Dr. Snyder was honest about the length of the procedure and worked with me to make sure it fit into my budget. Her whole team is professional but they are also a lot of fun. It was wonderful to feel so at ease and even laugh during my treatments!

The finished work is fantastic; my smile looks completely natural, like it has always been this way. Since having the work performed people always notice my teeth and tell me that I have a great smile. I feel that improving the look of your teeth can create a more youthful smile and benefit your overall appearance. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!
- Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen - Dr. Snyder's Patient

I wasn’t happy with my smile and I wanted some work done – my teeth were yellow and my bite was shifting – but all the dentists I had been seeing wanted to give me the hard sell. When I found Dr. Snyder’s website, I was impressed by the testimonials; it seemed that she was practicing the kind of dentistry I had been looking for.

Our first meeting was very professional and relaxed and she gave me a variety of treatment options without any pressure. I left her office without committing to anything.

When I decided that Dr. Snyder was the dentist I wanted to work with, we got started on developing a treatment plan right away. She kept me involved so I would know exactly what was happening every step of the way and we planned my treatment to help fit my budget. I never felt more comfortable. The whole team was very professional: Liz was quite the sweetheart; Debbie was so professional and outlined all my options; and Heather is an absolute artist. Dr. Snyder and her team were always meticulous in their work – even when creating my temporaries! Now all my problems are corrected. My smile looks great and I have confidence like never before. This has been a real life changer!
- Larry

Larry - Dr. Snyder's Patient

“An experience like no dentist you have ever been to: very relaxed, friendly, and they create
a smile that is fabulous.”
- Greg

Greg - Dr. Snyder's Patient
“I walked into an offiice yesterday and said, ‘Hello!’ and smiled. The first response I received was, ‘What a beautiful smile!’ My next thought was, ‘Thank you, Dr. Snyder.’

Thank you a million times. I LOVE my new smile. It does look beautiful and people do notice and compliment me. I have always been one to smile a lot, but was hesitating and not offering a full smile with the problems I had. With your expertise and genuine care and perfection of your work, I feel proud of my smile and I want to share it with everyone.

Thank you again and again for your professional expertise, care and patience in making my smile perfect. Also, I’d like to thank your support staff who were always friendly and professional. I have recommended you to my friends, family and associates.”

- Joyce
Joyce - Dr. Snyder's Patient
“At 19, I got hit in the mouth by a racquet and broke three front teeth. Not only was I missing teeth, but my mouth was overcrowded, my canines were too long and my teeth were yellowed. I went to a local dentist to repair my mishap, but the resulting teeth were too short, discolored and looked out of place.

The day I walked into Dr. Beth Snyder’s office changed my life. Dr. Snyder’s staff was professional, highly trained and very conscious of my dental needs. It was the most pleasant and relaxing dental experience that I’ve had.

Now I have co-workers and complete strangers compliment me on my beautiful smile. They all ask the same question: ‘Who’s your dentist?’ Dr. Beth Snyder and staff - thank you for my smile.”

- Brian
Brian - Dr. Snyder's Patient
“Undergoing neuromuscular dentistry treatment is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! At age 29, I got orthodontic braces to correct my teeth and bite. At age 31, the braces were removed. That same month, I was exercising and felt a snapping in my lower back. That was the end of tennis, ballet, downhill skiing and living pain-free. I searched for a cure for my back, neck and headache problems. I got temporary relief with ibuprofen, massage therapists and chiropractors. But I needed a solution. Then Dr. Snyder explained neuromuscular dentistry to me. The orthodontic braces had adversely affected my body from head to toe! It took two years to get my jaw realigned.

Neuromuscular dentistry eliminated by debilitating headaches and effected significant, positive physical changes. It gave me back my flexibility, energy and stamina. It changed the way I could live and enjoy my life.”
- Helen
Helen - Dr. Snyder's Patient
“I came to Dr. Snyder for routine dental care and she noticed that I had problems not only with my bite, but a problem with jaw pain that was becoming progressively worse. After taking a model of my bite and seeing that my jaw was badly out of alignment, it was clear to me that I needed to have her correct the problem that had been long simmering. After using a mouth splint (that was hardly noticeable) for a few months, my jaw came back into its natural place and my neck and jaw muscles relaxed for the first time in years. Dr. Snyder then reconstructed my teeth which improved my chewing and improved my smile. I was very impressed by the science of the whole process.”
- Charlie
Charlie - Dr. Snyder's Patient
“Every time I ask Dr. Snyder to repair a tooth or maintain my smile, she enhances it -- and leaves me absolutely delighted with the result. Over the years, Dr. Snyder has straightened one of my teeth, repaired chipped teeth and a split tooth with bonding and veneers. She has also replaced a bridge with one that is so much more attractive. She’s replaced my old silver fillings with white ones, and bleached my teeth. My mouth looks better than it ever has...despite my 58 years! This is like a good haircut -- it pays you back everyday, over and over again. This is ‘maintenance’ that makes me feel good.”
- Connie
Connie - Dr. Snyder's Patient


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