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Invisalign Orthodontics – Beth Snyder, DMD

One of the qualities of a beautiful and healthy smile is straight, evenly aligned teeth. If you weren’t born with straight teeth, or your teeth have shifted in place as you’ve gotten older, orthodontic treatment is your best correction option. Dr. Snyder is pleased to offer orthodontic treatment at her Bucks County, Pennsylvania dental practice, located in Doylestown.

Improving the Appearance and Function of Your Teeth

Invisible BracesOrthodontics are designed to straighten and align your teeth and correct problems with your bite (i.e., malocclusion). They can also reshape your jaw, neck and lips, revitalizing your facial appearance. Straight, even and correctly aligned teeth are not only cosmetically attractive, but also good for your oral health. Crooked, uneven, poorly aligned or overlapping teeth can be detrimental to the health and function of your teeth. They may cause TMJ symptoms such as jaw pain/soreness, headaches and sleep apnea. Overlapping teeth are also difficult to clean; bacteria can build up and lead to periodontal disease.

The particulars of your orthodontic treatment in Philadelphia / Bucks County — e.g., the specific appliance or duration of treatment — depends on your personal needs and lifestyle. Age is another factor; younger patients typically respond more quickly to orthodontic treatment in Doylestown because the bones supporting the teeth are more malleable. Dr. Snyder will meet with you, review your dental records, examine you and take X-rays, and then explore treatment options with you, recommending the best course of action. Depending on your case, orthodontic treatment may be part of a full mouth rejuvenation treatment plan.

Invisalign: the "Clear Braces"

Dr. Snyder is certified in Invisalign, an orthodontic system that uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into the proper alignment. The discretion of Invisalign treatment makes it a highly preferable alternative to traditional metal orthodontia. Since the aligners are clear, they are virtually undetectable. If you opt for Invisalign treatment, you will be encouraged to wear your aligners for most of the day, removing them to eat, brush and floss your teeth. You will swap your aligners out every few weeks as soon as your next set arrives. Dr. Snyder will check your teeth periodically to ensure that treatment is proceeding smoothly. The duration of treatment varies by patient.

Learn More about Invisalign

If you are interested in learning more about orthodontic / Invisalign treatment, please contact the Doylestown / Philadelphia dental practice of Dr. Beth Snyder. Call 215-348-9922 or email us today to schedule a consultation.

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